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Residents on edges of Timmins are fed up with noisy snowmobiles’ altered exhaust systems

With a few more weeks left in the snowmobiling season, Timmins Police are getting an influx of calls from people fed up with noisy sleds in their vicinity.

An after-market or altered snowmobile exhaust system is loud. Having one can cost you a $110 fine under Ontario’s Motorized Snow Vehicle Act.

Communications coordinator Marc Depatie says Timmins Police won’t take a position on whether, as claimed, an altered exhaust increases horsepower.

“But the sheer level of annoyance that is being expressed in residents in the outlying is causing grief unnecessarily.”

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Officers on trail patrol will be watching – and listening – for offenders.

“Nonetheless,” Depatie adds, “altering the exhaust system on your snowmobile is an irritation for your neighbours, so there has to be some common ground that we can reach.”

Depatie says it’s possible to enjoy sledding without annoying your neighbours.

Here’s a genuine recording of what an altered exhaust sounds like:

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