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Hopeful signs of an extended snowmobiling season well into April

The latest date on record for snowmobile trails closing in our area is April 17th. That was in 2013.

Gilbert Fortin doesn’t want to jinx it, but the potential is there to match or better that.  He’s the governor of the trail association from Timmins to Timiskaming Shores, including Iroquois Falls and Gogama.

He says last weekend’s snowfall definitely helped.

“We just had to wait a day or two for the water to evaporate a little bit, so they’d be much easier to groom,” Fortin reports. “And yeah, that’s definitely going to extend our season, for sure.”

A 300km ride on Wednesday convinced him of that.  He says the trails should be able to stay open well into April.

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“It’s only around town itself that the trails are going to take a beating from the thaw, obviously any trails that are parallel to roads. But once you’re into the forest itself, they’re going to last for a while.”

Nature can help too, Fortin says, by providing cold nights.

Hear more from Gilbert Fortin, including whether he expects visits from southern sledders to continue:

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