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Clean-up time, following snowstorm in which Timmins ‘was hit quite heavily’

The clean-up is in full progress, following the 58 centimetres of snow that fell on Timmins this past weekend.

City public works manager Shane Skinner notes that a bit more fell Sunday evening, so overall, we were “hit quite heavily”.

The wind didn’t help much, especially once sidewalk plowing got underway.

“Luckily, we had crews working throughout the weekend and were able to do some more work on Sunday, and we’re still carrying on this week, says Skinner.”As soon as we’re gone through, a lot of times some of the stuff’s drifted back in, but we’re trying to maintain as best we can.”

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The effort to open streets and sidewalks has now changed to removing snowbanks and other types of accumulation. Skinner’s workers are also maintaining the work they’ve done.

“We want to make sure that the catch basins and so on have access for drainage and runoff, once everything starts melting, hopefully shortly, according to the weather forecast.”

You can hear more about this on the audio link below, including something to be aware of now that the sidewalk in front of your property is plowed.


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