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Commercial, Residential break and enters on the rise in Timmins

Timmins Police Service officers have been responding to a higher number of break-and-enter incidents for this time of year. That’s the word from Corporate Communications Coordinator Marc Depatie, who notes that winter months are typically quieter, but the warmer weather might be changing that.

He adds that property owners should report anything suspicious to police immediately and not delay.

“People who do indulge in criminal activity like to survey the area first to make sure they have a proper point of exit, escape strategy of sorts,” he said. “Not that these are the most sophisticated criminals in the whole world but they do think that far ahead.”

Depatie says there are a number of things business owners can do from reducing the amount of cash in the till to putting the high dollar items away from the entrance.

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He adds it’s also a good idea to get closed circuit television and tell your customers about it.

“It creates a greater sense of security for your customers,” he said. “Your legitimate customers won’t even be phased by it, but would-be criminals would be put on guard as to, well hold on I might be captured on video so perhaps I should pursue this criminal activity somewhere else.”

Depatie says video equipment has become the norm for businesses and homeowners to buy and it’s not that expensive anymore.

Earlier this week, video footage helped Timmins Police identify a suspect in a break and enter at a restaurant.

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