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Toronto Blue Jays’ broadcaster helps the Timmins Women in Crisis

A Toronto Blue Jays’ broadcaster has donated the proceeds from an auction of his scorebook to benefit the Timmins Women in Crisis. Jamie Campbell says he wanted to give back to Timmins as a thank you for the great memories from the time spent in the 1980s working as a teen for the Ministry of Natural Resources.

“We did anything the ministry needed us to do, you know we were big strong 17-year-old kids,” he said. “Whatever was necessary we did it, road maintenance all kinds of stuff. It was hard labour but it was good for my growth personally.”

He adds that the experiences helped him even today.

“It gave a sense of commitment in me, a sense of responsibility,” he said. “You know I never wanted some easy shelf stacking job when I was in high school because I wanted to learn what hard work meant. My dad worked in the shoe industry and I’m not entirely sure he enjoyed it but he was good at it.”

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Campbell recalls getting dropped off at the former Timmins train station and spending time with other teens at the Hollinger Ball Park.

The final bid on the scorebook is believed to be four figures according to Campbell. He used the scorebook while doing play by play for the Jays in the 2008 season.

Here is the full interview Denis J. Puska did with Jamie Campbell.

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