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World Toilet Day and ‘No wipes in the pipes’

Tomorrow is World Toilet Day.  Yes, it’s a thing.

City of Timmins environmental coordinator Christina Beaton says it’s every November 19th, mainly to educate people on global sanitation issues.

“It celebrates toilets and raises awareness that over three-billion people are living without access to a safe toilet,” she notes.

This year, the United Nation’s focus is on the sanitation crisis on groundwater.

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“Locally,” says Beaton, “we’re taking this opportunity to educate the public on our wastewater systems.”

On the City of Timmins website are two videos about the wastewater systems.

Beaton notes that only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed.  Products labelled disposable or flushable are not.

“These products do not break down in our sanitary system, and they cause plugs in sewer pipes and pumps. The slogan is ‘No wipes in the pipes’.”


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