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Behold the portable snowstorm

Timmins Police communications coordinator Marc Depatie says drivers see it at least once every winter: other drivers who didn’t leave themselves time to clear the snow off their vehicles.

“And their vehicle becomes what we call a portable snowstorm,” he comments.

So as the car moves along, the snow blows off onto vehicles behind it, sometimes blinding those drivers.

“It’s discourteous,” adds Depatie. “It’s on the brink of being dangerous. We would rather motorists take that extra time for their own safety and the safety of other motorists.”

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While you’re sweeping the snow away, let your defroster clear the windows and make sure headlights and taillights are clear of snow, too.

Depatie explains: “If you had to make a sudden change in direction or a sudden stop, the other driver behind you would have no way of knowing if your lights are completely covered in snow.”

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