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HomeNewsDead moose left to spoil near Matheson

Dead moose left to spoil near Matheson

The natural resources ministry is looking for information into a bull moose that was shot and left to rot north of Matheson earlier this month.

It was reported to MNR by a bird hunter on October 4th. Area enforcement manager Bill McCord says the man noticed a flock of ravens and a bald eagle near Shallow River Road, off Forestry Road.

“So he walked into the tree line to investigate and lo and behold,” he reports, “found a bull that was shot and left.”

A nearby gut pile indicated that another moose was shot, but at least taken out.

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McCord says if an animal is shot in error – you have the wrong tag, for instance — the best thing to do is own up to it.

“People do make mistakes and they will shoot the wrong animal and it’s best that they just contact us so we can do a slight investigation,” he says. “The animal itself won’t spoil and will go to a needy family.”

You might still be penalized, but to a lesser extent than a $5,000.00 fine and the loss of hunting privileges and whatever equipment you were using.

Any information on this incident can be shared with MNR or Crime Stoppers.

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