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A dog attack on your letter carrier could result in loss of mail delivery to your home

More cases of dog versus letter carrier are being reported to Canada Post in Timmins, which is trying to put a stop to it.

Angèle Gemme works in operations at the post office.  She says the number of incidents is usually higher during warmer weather, when more dogs are left outside.   When the letter carrier arrives, the dog becomes aggressive and sometimes even bites. Gemme says Canada Post employees realize the dog is only protecting its territory, or is afraid of the letter carrier.

“We have these big satchels that we’re coming in with and they’re wearing these bright yellow vests,” she says of the letter carriers, “and I think a lot of dogs go ‘Whoa! What is going on?’”

If your dog is going to be outside at the usual mail delivery time, Gemme says you should have them fenced in, or on a leash that’s not long enough to reach the mailbox.

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And in weather like we’re experiencing lately, don’t think a screen door will keep the dog inside.

“Never trust that the screen door’s going to be enough for the dog,” Gemme warns. They may break through, and we don’t want that. So definitely keeping them in a separate room or behind a baby gate even is often a good idea.”

The consequences of your dog attacking a letter carrier depend on the individual case, and could be your mail not being delivered. Carriers are armed with dog spray to protect themselves from aggressive pooches.

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