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No fires in Timmins, but hazard is still at high

More forest fires are being reported daily in the area, but that’s normal. That’s what an information officer for the Northeast Fire Region is saying. Shayne McCool says the stats are actually below average this year. He says the 10 year average is 650 fires per year, and this year we are at 436 for the area.

McCool says there are no fires currently burning in Timmins; our hazard is ranging from moderate to high, and south of us the hazard is at extreme. Despite that, there are no fire bans in Timmins. McCool says there are actually two different ways a fire ban can be put into place. One is from the province, who can impose a fire restricted area. That can be for as large of an area as is needed at that time. Locally, the city can put a fire ban into place.

The closest fires to our area are in Kirkland Lake and Chapleau. Both are under control. McCool says the number one tip to preventing forest fires is to make sure your campfire is out and contained.

You can check the status of our fire hazard online at: Forest Fire Danger Map. Any provincial fire bans will be posted online at: Map of Restricted Fire Zones.

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