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Moving towards bike lanes on city streets

The centre left turning lanes that have appeared on Jubilee Ave. are part of reconfiguration for bike lanes.

City of Timmins public works director Ken Krcel says there’s more painting to do, as well as road repairs and signs to be posted.

“There’ll be some dedicated signage indicating that those are bike lanes; where they begin, where they end. There’ll be the bicycle symbols as well,” he explains.

Green paint will be on the road surface, where bikes and motorized vehicles will both be crossing.

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The same reconfiguration will happen on Thériault Blvd., between Jubilee and Vimy Aves.

Krcel says studies show that having that left turn lane is more efficient and less confusing.

“There’s an actual lane for people to pull over to make their left, which won’t impeded traffic in behind them. And obviously, right hand turns do not impede traffic nearly as much as left hand turns.”

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