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DSB1 makes feminine hygiene products available in its schools

The Director of Education for the English Public School Board in our region says it’s taken a lead role in giving girls proper access to feminine hygiene products. Lesleigh Dye says the board changed its practice five years ago so it could be more inclusive. Each school was allowed to decide how the products would be available.

“I know some schools have in the female washrooms a basket of feminine products available for students,” she said. “The Ministry of Education actually provided vending machines that have these products again at no cost to the students.”

Dye says the board went ahead with the move after discussions with students.

“And one student shared that in her school that the products aren’t always available and I’m going back five years,” she said. “The senior team talked about it and talked about how important it is for all students to have the resources that they need and this is a personal resource.”

Dye says the board wanted everything low key and not put a student in an awkward or embarrassing situation.  At the start of this school year, the Ministry of Education launched a three year program to make hygiene products available in its schools using dispensing machines.

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