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Timmins Police Service on why you shouldn’t vandalize provincial election signs

In response to what communications coordinator Marc Depatie calls “some minor shenanigans”, Timmins Police are issuing a warning against vandalizing provincial election signs.

First, you could be trespassing on private property when you deface a sign.

Communications coordinator Marc Depatie says a sign is considered literature used to send a message.

“You can’t interfere with that,” he warns. “It’s part of the democratic process, so here again, we hold that dear and we want people to just behave.”

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Especially in this day and age, there’s no real excuse for defacing a provincial election sign. Depatie concurs.

“If you’re unhappy with a given party or a given candidate, then there’s all sorts of social media platforms that allow you to express your opinion,” he says, admittedly stating the obvious. “You don’t have to be destructive in your approaches.”

Vandalism election signs can line you up with a criminal charge of mischief; violations of the Trespass to Property Act; and specific statutes in the Elections Act.

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