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Water recedes, flood advisories lifted

Timmins as a whole can sigh with relief.  The flood threat is over, at least for now.

David Vallier, GM of the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority, says the flood advisory committee has cancelled the flood warning for the Mattagami River, and the advisories for the Porcupine River and Porcupine Lake.

“Precipitation, which is pretty much the most important factor for flooding in the springtime continues to be somewhat of a concern,” Vallier adds, “and if we do get the precipitation and we are back to where we need to issue a flood watch or flood warning, we’ll do that.”

In addition, he says the water volumes and flows are decreasing, as the snow melt in the bush is progressing.

“As the ground warms and the leaves start to come on the trees, some of that water, if it doesn’t evaporate or sublimate, does get taken into the ground for the trees.”

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