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Pirie pays tribute to council, region as he transitions to provincial candidate

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Mayor George Pirie presided Tuesday night over what is potentially his final meeting of Timmins City Council.

When the writ for the provincial election takes effect on Wednesday, he becomes the Conservative party candidate for the riding of Timmins.

In an address to council, Pirie called the last three-and-a-half years an incredible experience.  He referred to his eight-member council as an exceptional group who has accomplished remarkable things.

“We can always do better, and most importantly we’re always able to have that conversation about how to be better,” he said. “And that’s, I think, the critical thing that makes this council work.”

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Pirie will only be back if he loses the June 2nd vote… and has already said he won’t run for re-election as mayor.

Pirie expressed total optimism for the future of this region.

“We know that we’ve got a future that is really unavoidable, because we’ve got what the world wants, here in Northeastern Ontario,” he stated confidently, echoing frequent remarks from his time as mayor.  “And I think we’ve got a group of people collectively as citizens that are totally engaged in that future.”

Pirie could complete his term as mayor, should he be unsuccessful in what he calls his quest.  He is on the record, however, saying he won’t run for a second term as mayor.

Here is audio of his complete, unedited address from the council meeting.


At the beginning of this municipal term, City Hall drew up a schedule of who would fill in for Mayor Pirie whenever he’s unavailable.  Council will adhere to that schedule to fill the vacancy he leaves at the head of council for at least the next month.

Councillor Michelle Boileau is acting mayor for the rest of May.  Then it’s Councillor Kristin Murray. She’ll be in the post until the current term ends in November, or, if Pirie doesn’t win provincially, until he returns from leave.

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