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That electric vehicle in your future was tested in Kap if it’s a General Motors model

When we hear of mines in the North providing essential minerals for electric car batteries, we can note that the entire portfolio of General Motors vehicles are tested at the GM Kapuskasing Proving Grounds.

“Actually, our fleet does have numerous EVs as part of that content that we’re evaluating, yes,” confirms Josh Walton, the operations leader in Kap, adding that the infrastructure to charge the cars is “a bit of a hurdle”.

From charging stations to the demand on the hydro grid, he says there’s potential for summer brownouts when everyone’s running air conditioners.  He notes that DC fast-charging options pull considerable power.

“As a point of reference, we do have 350-kilowatt chargers on grounds here, with a move to 500 kilowatts. I mean, you put a handful of those chargers on and you’re pulling a ton of power.”

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The electric cars themselves, Walton says, are performing well in our climate extremes.

You’ve already seen the Bolt, the company’s first fully-electric vehicle offering.  And you’ve heard the hype about the Hummer and the Cadillac Lyriq.

“GM is really in a position to make a move to our entire fleet being EV-ready or full EV by 2025,” states Walton. “That is where we’re moving towards.”

Walton adds that the entire industry is moving that way, and away from internal combustion vehicles.

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