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Changing which school buses are cancelled, which are not on bad weather days

Changes have been implemented, determining when your children’s school bus is cancelled on a bad weather day.

Ryan Hartling, supervisor for Northeast Tri-Board Student Transportation says the designations “rural” and “urban” are now attached to bus routes. So if rural roads are hazardous, but streets in town are safe, only rural buses are cancelled.

“Parents do need to take a look and see what their bus is designated as,” he advises. “Just because you live in town does not mean that you are on an urban run, because that run may start in a rural area.”

You can check on the notification system or subscription system.

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In addition, Hartling says on cold weather days, buses won’t run in the morning…“But if we know that the temperatures going to rise above our threshold of cancelling the buses throughout the day, we will run the buses in the afternoon.”

On those days, if you were able to get your kids to school, their bus will get them home in the afternoon.

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