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Motivational entertainer known as ‘World Peace’ spreads the message in his name

His birth certificate says his name is Kiyan Robert Otto Lautenschlager, but he goes by “World Peace”.  You might have seen him around Porquis and Timmins lately, or on Facebook.

The 26-year-old motivational entertainer from Sudbury sings and dances to promote actual world peace.

“I have this trumpet here (plays it), I have drum,” he notes . “I’ve realized that being light, being comical is a very good way to captivate an audience, engaging with the audience, so I do a lot of crowd response or even if it’s one person, a lot of call and response.”

He sells World Peace casual wear in his travels and also does professional gigs.  He’ll be on a cross-Canada tour this summer.

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Luatenschlager has four things he says we can do to move towards world peace. One is to give genuine appreciation.

“I genuinely appreciate all of you for just flat out existing,” he enthuses.

Number 2 is to love, appreciate and take care of Mother Earth. Number 3 is self-love through positive thoughts, meditation, exercising and eating well.

“And then number 4 is to go out into the world in a peaceful, loving state and connect, because we’re all one right here, right now on this planet.”

The full message from World Peace is in the full interview right here:

World Peace (Google Meet)
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