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Lise St-Jean’s story: Why you should look into being a live kidney donor

Next Thursday is World Kidney Day, and Lise St-Jean of Timmins can tell you the importance of being a live kidney donor.

Her kidneys had failed, and she was taking dialysis for three hours, four days a week.

You only need one kidney to survive. An anonymous donor gave St-Jean one of her kidneys after undergoing several compatibility tests.  The donor had seen the billboard that John’s Neon Signs donated in Schumacher.

“I fought and searched and advertised to get a live kidney because I needed one,” says St-Jean. “Dialysis wasn’t for me and I was not well on it.” She adds that  her donor gave her the miracle of new life.

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After a week in the hospital and 53 days staying in Toronto, she got home the day before her 60th birthday. She says it’s even easier for the donor.

“It’s a simpler operation. Mind you, they’re off work I think for about a couple weeks to a month. And they’re back to their new task and it’s as if nothing happened, you know.”

There’s so much more to St-Jean’s story.  Here’s our complete interview:

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