A local food source is looking to supply the North. The Radical Garden Market is a mix of restaurant and farmers market, bringing fresh food and meals to Timmins. Maryanne Pratt is co-owner of the store, and says they bring in supplies from Timmins, Cochrane, New Liskeard and Kapuskasing.

“We wanted to basically provide a source for the public to come,” says Pratt. “And to make it easier for them to access than coming out to the farm.”

Pratt says their goal is to supply communities with local foods, and does so with her business partner.

“Brianna Humphrey, she started her farm about three years ago,” explains Pratt about how the idea came about. “It’s just something we’ve always been talking about; we wanted to basically provide a source for the public.”

The store is at Fifth and Balsam, and has a variety of lunch and breakfast foods. They are also selling honey from TEBA, fresh fruit and veggies, and flour. Pratt says they are hoping to expand into dinner and late night tacos in the near future.

The restaurant is open from 8:30 AM until 3:00 PM seven days a week. Check out their website here: The Radical Garden Market