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Increased reports of fox sightings not likely a sign of a population boom

Anecdotally at least, there are a lot of foxes being spotted in towns across our region lately. MNRF management biologist Leeanne Leduc says it’s likely that instead of a population boom, it’s a case of more people noticing them.

“Many people right now, they’re working from home during the pandemic and they’re spending more time outdoors,” she remarks. “So it’s likely that more people are noticing wildlife than would be typical in non-pandemic times.”

If a fox has been in your yard, chances are you have a bird feeder.  Leduc says it’s not after the feed or the birds.

“So feeders will also attract smaller mammals including squirrels, which happen to be one of the main food sources for fox during the winter months.”

Leduc advises against feeding human or pet food to a fox. It might make it dependent on you, making it prone to conflict with you and your pets.




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