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Be respectful of snow plows

As annoying as they can be, snow plows are a necessary part of winter life in Northern Ontario. One frustration is what Timmins Police communications coordinator Marc Depatie calls “the snow plow Santa Claus Parade between the McIntyre Arena and South Porcupine”.

“We all get caught in there and it’s just a matter of patience, patience, patience,” he says.

Depatie says passing a snow plow puts you and other motorists in danger.

“It’s inherently unsafe to leave a freshly plowed road surface, pass your snow plow and then enter into an unplowed road surface.”  It’s easy to lose control in that situation.

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The effects on sight lines are another concern.

“Snow plows are throwing up all sorts of snow and debris and everything else,” Depatie points out,  “and if it’s a windier day, then obviously, your ability to see in front of you or your ability to be seen by the snow plow operator.”

Depatie reminds us that flashing blue lights on a plow indicate that it’s a slower vehicle, and they’re speaking to you.

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