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Weather might be a factor in Santa’s visit to your house this Christmas Eve

When Santa Claus and his sleigh arrive in our region tonight, he might have to keep an eye on a weather system coming through. Environment Canada meteorologist Gerald Cheng says it’s going to bring some snow.

“We are expecting up to 10 cm of snow, especially for tonight,” he prognosticates. “So I think visibility is going to be an issue as Santa lands.”

Cheng adds that Rudolph’s red nose has to be in top working condition to guide the sleigh through that.  He’s also predicting wind, but not enough to push it off course.

“Well right now I don’t think it’s going to cause big delays, although I think Rudolph will have to watch (and) look at the visibility, something they will need to be mindful of as the team approaches the area.”

Cheng sums up with advice to go to bed and cover up your head, because Santa Claus comes tonight.

Gerald Cheng, meteorologist, Environment & Climate Change Canada
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