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Cutting down a Christmas tree on Crown land is legal, under certain conditions

There is no way certain traditionalists will allow an artificial Christmas tree into their homes.  They prefer going out and chopping down a real one themselves.

Natural resources ministry spokesperson Meghan Forbes says there are a few basic rules about doing that on Crown land.

“We allow the cutting of a single Christmas tree per household per year for personal use from Crown land north of the French and Mattawa Rivers,” she explains.

That tree cannot be sold.  And cutting isn’t allowed in provincial parks, on conservation reserves or other protected areas.

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Forbes cautions that not all Crown lands are managed by the natural resources ministry.

“For example, on some highway corridors, they might be managed by the Ministry of Transportation,” she states. “So we encourage residents to obtain prior permission to cut a tree from the appropriate ministry or agency.”

Click here to find out what is Crown land, what isn’t, and which ministry is responsible.

One more thing:  You can’t legally cut down more than one tree, looking for the perfect one.

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