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First Nations react to federal budget

The $1.9 billion federal dollars going towards First Nations’ education is still raising questions.

Executive director of the Timmins Native Friendship Centre, Veronica Nicholson, is still wondering how the government will stay involved claiming the government “does to you” instead of “for you.” She says the two parties need to establish a good working relationship.

Although Nicholson is happy to see that money come their way, she says now is the time for change. She says First Nation’s really need to implement long term strategic planning around their education.

She still asks the question “what’s fair?” knowing the funds are not divvied equally. Nicholson says First Nations with less members get less money and there’s no way to compete.

Despite the promise of money Nicholson is sceptical as to when this money will begin to be funnelled into communities.

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