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Local businesses at odds over a bus bench

The bus bench in front of Timmins Hyundai has been taken away, which is causing some waves at city council. It was an advertising tool for BK Marketing, in what is called a prime location. There were two issues with it, vandalism of the Timmins Hyundai cars, and it blocks the view of the cars on display. Councillor Rick Dubeau spoke out on behalf of the marketing company.

“She’s had a number of complaints since the bench has been moved from her largest client,” explains Dubeau. “BK Marketing feels it did everything the city requested; contacted the complainant several times and did not get any return calls, and that BK Marketing feels they were not consulted when the decision was made. So BK Marketing respectfully requests that the bench be returned to the Riverside Drive location.”

However, Mayor Steve Black read a letter from the car company, saying there are two issues with the bench in front of the company. It was put there about six weeks ago, and Timmins Hyundai says it’s aiding in vandalism.

“It enables further vandalism as it could be used as a step to jump on the vehicles, increasing damages to the cars,” reads Black from their letter. “It’s extremely difficult to sell a new, repaired car, to the public as everything must be disclosed to the public. The costs are two fold, as the damage to vehicles must now occur cosmetic repairs, and with the disclosure of damage the vehicles need to be aggressively discounted.”

The second problem Timmins Hyundai has is the bench advertising a company that is not theirs, in front of their business.

City council spent some time debating the issue, with Councillor Dubeau asking it be put on the agenda to come to an agreement about what to do about it. However council voted no, and it wasn’t taken any further. The bench has since been moved to in front of the Chamber of Commerce, at 101 and McIntyre Road.

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