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The count is done: Here’s how many pairs of socks you donated to Socks Timmins

It took some counting.

Socks Timmins coordinator Carol Halt has the result of how many pairs of socks her organization and Moose 93.1 collected Saturday night, during the Santa Claus Parade.

“One thousand, four hundred and ninety-six pairs, all new socks.”

We know we’ll smash through the 1,500 mark.

“We’ve still got people reaching out,” Halt says, “saying that for whatever reason, they weren’t able to donate at the parade or weren’t able to make it to the parade.”

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Halt says those hundreds of pairs of socks won’t last until next year’s parade. By early spring, the agencies that hand them out will be asking for more.  She says people who spend a lot of time on the street might not have winter boots or waterproof shoes.

“They go through socks quite quickly and we know that socks are the most needed item of people who are homeless or spending a lot of time on the street.”

If you’re among the people who still intend to donate, the most convenient way is to drop off the new socks at our radio station. We’re at 49 Cedar St. S.


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