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Timmins history: Ghosts of Halloweens past

Local history now, and like any town anywhere, Timmins has its own ghost stories.

Museum director-curator Karen Bachmann tells one from 1928, of a haunted house at 66 Middleton Ave. A Porcupine Advance newspaper report told of a man ascending a staircase every year around Halloween.

“The family ran out of the house, refused to go back in,” Bachmann narrates. “They didn’t know who this man was. Police were called, all those horrible things.”

Bachmann adds that the house reportedly still had the man’s aura in the 1940s, long after his ghost appeared.

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Then there’s the namesake of Ecole Secondaire Thériault, haunting the backstage area of the auditorium.

“They used to have an area where you stored a lot of the costumes and those kinds of things that was a little bit of a room that you had to climb a ladder up to get to. And apparently that’s where Father Thériault liked to hang out and just spook people a little bit.”

We’ll stay with our scary theme for next week’s look at local history, as Halloween approaches.

(Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre)
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