For the first time since March 2020, there will be a crowd at the Timmins Rock hockey game Friday night.  You’ll want to get your tickets online. Team board member Jason Kelly says there might be a limited amount at the door, but the team’s dealing with a pandemic capacity limit at the Mac.

“It’s 50% of capacity, or a thousand max,” he explains. “But our capacity there is just over 12-hundred, so half takes you to about 700.”

You’ll also need vaccination proof or be turned away. Kelly asks for patience because it’s a first for staff at the door checking all that, too.

“What’s nice is the game starts at 7:30,” Kelly adds. “I would suggest getting there by 6:30 and making sure you’re in.”

Concessions are expected to be open, so you can grab a coffee and dessert.

The Kirkland Lake Gold Miners provide the opposition on the ice.