In Schumacher next Tuesday — International Peace Day — comes the unveiling of peace poles at the Peace Park. It’s the first phase of a ten-year waterfront program..

Mark West chairs the joint committee between the Schumacher Lions Club and the Schumacher Arts Culture Heritage Association.  He says the peace poles have been in the works since January.

“You put all your different little decals and you decorate the pole in your language,”  he explains, “and you also write on the pole ‘may peace prevail on Earth’ in your own language.”

At least 18 poles will be part of Tuesday’s event.  West says new poles can be added at any time. He’s also planning for the rest of the ten-year program.

“I’d like to turn this into an annual event. Maybe make it a Day in the Park, where we could do the celebrations for International Peace Day, and also provide music and maybe a barbecue, make it a full-day event.”

The Tuesday ceremony begins at 12:15pm.