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Council looking at eliminating some left turns along Algonquin

City council is looking at adding to the Connecting Link study. Algonquin is being analyzed now, but council is thinking about taking it one step further, and adding some options. Among them are red light cameras, and more time for pedestrians to cross. Another part of that is making left turns illegal. Mayor Steve Black says it wouldn’t be at every intersection, but it may help the flow of traffic.

“We’ve done a couple of previous studies as well. So we’ll review what those results were and see if this council is more interested in going into it,” says Black. “It’s not going to be every intersection obviously, you need to be able to get off Algonquin at some point and go left. But a lot of the little intersections between where it backs up traffic when people are turning left, that’s what we’re looking at.”

Council will be talking about the study, and if it goes through, drivers will start seeing changes in 2016.

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