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Council looking at lowering speed limit along Lakeshore

The speed limit on Lakeshore is too high, and is dangerous for those walking around Gillies Lake. That’s what the Mayor is saying about the road. If you’re walking around Gillies, you have to use Lakeshore. Although most of the boardwalk is protected from the road, that area isn’t. Steve Black says it’s one of the most popular spots in Timmins, and he’s been asked if the speed limit can be lowered.

“To possibly 40 km an hour,” says Black. “And the possibility of designating it a community safety zone. Now there is certain legislation that applies, as to what you can designate and what you can’t.”

Black says it may not qualify, but he is asking to look at the possibility.

Councillor Mike Doody saying this isn’t the first time they’re hearing about this.

“Not just the speed limit, but that particular portion of the roadway,” explains Doody. “Along maybe of extending the boardwalk so that they both coincide with each other would make it safer for everybody.”

Extending the boardwalk would fall on the MRCA’s shoulders, but city council agrees with the concerns, and now Public Works and the police will look at it and possibly make changes.

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