Residential school survivor Patricia Ballantyne’s “Walk of Sorrow” is set to make a stop in Timmins on Sunday.  She and her entourage will be arriving via Highway 655 en route to Hollinger Park.

Timmins Police communications coordinator Marc Depatie is asking drivers to be aware of the potential effect on traffic.

“We’re hopeful that this goes without too much drama. Timmins Police traffic section is aware of the situation and we will be halting traffic to accommodate this procession at key intersections as this event takes place,” says, elaborating that that will be at Ross Avenue, Algonquin Boulevard and Brunette Road.

“It’s tough to pin down a specific time of day,” Depatie notes. “We’re shooting for the Sunday afternoon, but the timeframe has yet to be determined.”

Despite the sensitive cultural significance of the event, Depatie says the COVID-19 limit of a hundred people in an outdoor gathering will be enforced.

The Walk of Sorrow began in Saskatchewan on June 5th and is headed to Ottawa.