In order to reach the so-called “herd immunity” so that our region can move beyond step 3 of COVID-19 recovery, we need 70% of people over 12 to be fully vaccinated.

Porcupine Health Unit medical officer of health Dr. Lianne Catton says we’re about 3,700 people below that. She says PHU has everything ready to go to cover the shortfall.

“We just need individuals to ensure that they’re reviewing appropriate information, make their decision and really looking at where they may be able to access vaccination across the region,” she explains.

When, where and which brand of vaccine is available can be found on the health unit’s website.

Dr. Catton reiterates that it’s your best protection against the virus.

“It continues to be our best opportunity to prevent the spread; to end deaths; to decrease hospitalizations and most importantly, to end the pandemic and move on to the things that we love, we enjoy and we need.”

Figures from June show that without getting both shots, you’re four-point-seven times more at risk of contracting COVID-19.  The rate of hospitalization is still three times higher, even if you have the first dose.