Timmins Mayor Steve Black has been in contact with the CEO of Greenpeace. Black says they are planning to meet to talk about the ongoing issue of the forestry sector. Greenpeace has been targeting the industry on the claim that the Boreal Forest is being threatened. Black says their campaign is revolving around Resolute.

“Their concerns are all around Resolute, which was obviously their last campaign,” says Black. “And played a role, in our opinion, in the Resolute mill closing down in Iroquois Falls.”

The Mayor says when he meets with the CEO, they will go over their issues with the Boreal Forest being harvested.

“We’re going to have a meeting to discuss some of his issues as well,” says Black. “And see what their main issues are up here that they have with a particular forestry company.”

Black says they’ll talk about the environmental groups concerns. He says from a municipality standpoint, they don’t want more businesses to start closing in the industry, which could parley into the mining sector.

“We don’t want to say ‘yeah, it’s one now’, and then it jumps to the next when they’re successful there, and it jumps to the next until all our industry, and possibly into the mining.”

Greenpeace has been targeting the timber industry, claiming that the Boreal Forest is being harvested beyond repair. The counter argument is that there are strict environmental standards that the industry abides by.

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