The Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre is back in full business.  Director-curator Karen Bachmann reports a good stream of visitors on the first couple of days.

Featured is a travelling exhibit called “Fragments of Humanity: Archeology in Québec”.  It has artifacts going back 5,000 years, from early Indigenous people through early European settlers.

“Even right up until this century,” Bachmann points out, “where we actually have one of the portals from the Empress of Ireland ship that went down in the St. Lawrence Seaway around the time of the First World War.”

“So it gives you a really interesting idea about some of the artifacts that are collected, a little bit of how people lived in Quebec during the course of the last many, many, many years.”

There are also interviews with archeologists and the people who prepare the artifacts, for a technical look at their work.

The museum is open Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm and Saturday and Sunday, noon to 4:00pm.  There is no admission charge.