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Foleyet, don’t drink the tap water UPDATE

The water drinking advisory for Foleyet has been lifted. The water has been tested after a drop in the pressure system, and is okay to drink. Residents may smell chlorine or have discoloured water. Run your faucets for a few minutes until it runs clear, and run any water softeners through a regeneration cycle.

Original Story:

There is still a drinking water advisory for Foleyet.

Avoid drinking tap water, and boiling it won’t make it safe to drink. The Sudbury Health Unit says to use water from an outside source, like bottled water. It is okay to use for laundry, excluding small children.

“Until bacteriological testing of the drinking water indicates a safe supply, the drinking water advisory will remain in effect,” said Burgess Hawkins, a manager in the Health Unit’s Environmental Health Division.

The health unit will send out a notice when it is safe to drink.

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