Another 23 new cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in the territory covered by the Porcupine Health Unit.  As usual lately, Timmins leads the way, with 15 of them in the city.

Six are in the health unit-defined “area of Cochrane, Matheson, Iroquois Falls and Smooth Rock Falls”. One is in a coastal community and the other somewhere between Fauquier and Opasatika.

They bring the running total to 879 cases. More details on active cases are expected on Monday.

Meanwhile, amid the increased pressure on Timmins and District Hospital, it is tightening restrictions on visitors. As of Saturday afternoon, TADH had ten patients with COVID-19.

Here are the new restrictions, effective Monday.

  • Emergency Department, Diagnostic Imaging and Outpatient Clinics: One Designated Care Partner will only be permitted under the following circumstances: Patients with communication, physical or cognitive impairments; patients experiencing a mental health crisis; and patients requiring a care partner to be involved with significant care decisions, disclosure of potentially traumatic test results/prognosis. Patients under the age of 18 or over the age of 75.
  • Patients Giving Birth: One Designated Care Partner
  • Pediatrics: Two Designated Care Partners. Only one Designated Care Partner will be permitted to visit at a time.
  • Palliative Patients/Patients who are at end of life: Two Designated Care Partners. At no time are more than two visitors allowed at the bedside at the same time and this may be restricted to one where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Additional visitors may be considered, weighing the health and safety of all. Visits must be approved and scheduled in advance by contacting the patient’s unit.
  • Due to the outbreak at the offsite facility at St. Mary’s Gardens, no visitors are allowed in that ward

-Source: Timmins & District Hospital