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Community Mailboxes comes up at City Hall

Winter maintenance of community mailboxes is one of the bigger issues with the switch from home delivery. The issue came up at city council this week, with many questions being asked about plowing around the boxes. Councillor Noella Rinaldo says we have to take caution when it comes to snow banks and accessibility.

“Certain residential areas, we don’t plow as often,” says Rinaldo. “We do have snow banks, that is something we’re looking at is cost effectiveness. So I think that’s important that we mention they [Canada Post] may need to be the ones that make an effort to remove the snow banks in front of these boxes.”

City Engineer Luc Duval says Canada Post should clear the way, as they are currently responsible for the mailboxes already set up around town, as they get a contractor out to clear the path.

Council plans to talk to Canada Post about their concerns, which includes the accessibility, but Councillor Pat Bamford says there is no rush, and it could be dealt with during the fall election.

“Two opposition parties are against what is happening here with home delivery,” says Bamford. “So that may take care of itself. Not to say that Mr. Harper wouldn’t be re-elected, but it is possible that it’s a minority.”

If that were the case, Harper wouldn’t have full control over what happens.

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Mayor Steve Black has spoken with Canada Post and says there may be a way around the accessiblity issue.

“There’s an application process, if you have accessibility or mobility issues,” says Black. “You can apply and still receive home based delivery once a week.

Council is still not for the end of home delivery, and plan to fight back against it. They will write up a resolution to send to Canada Post with their concerns.

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