Already during the reconstruction work on Algonquin Blvd., residents of Jubilee Ave. have noticed more traffic on their street.  They also tell city police they’re concerned about the speed of the extra traffic.

Communications coordinator Marc Depatie says that’s why they have a radar speed indicator set up beside the O’Gorman field. It tells you how fast you’re driving, and gives police some handy information.

“We’re able to locate the key times of day when the most serious offences are taking place,” he explains. “We can tailor our enforcement stance based on that data.” …and when to have a cruiser in the area, ready for its officer to pull you over and give you a ticket.

Depatie points out that it’s a residential area and – when they’re open – a school zone.

“There’s a lot of youngsters, especially with the better weather taking hold. There’s going to be a lot of cyclists, lot of pedestrians, lot of seniors. All these people are depending on motorists to behave appropriately while behind the wheel.”

Depatie adds that if you are ticketed, there’s no leniency and no acceptance of the excuse “I didn’t realize I was speeding”.