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More comments on Greenpeace and Resolute battle

The Canadian way of life is being threatened. That comment comes from Cochrane’s Mayor Peter Politis, and was aimed at Greenpeace. Politis was at Resolute’s Annual General Meeting to help speak out against attacks on the forestry industry.

He was joined by the Mayor of Hearst, and the USW Union out of Kapuskasing.

Quote from Politis’ speech:

“While everyone seems focused on the issue between extremism and industry, what’s getting lost is the entirerace of people and the endeared way of life, the Canadian way of life, that is being threatened in the process. Once you get away from the 100 km band by the U.S. border where 90% of the Canadian population exists, there is still 5,000 km’s to the north and to the east and west in Canada, where the rest of us live. Where we not only live in harmony with the forest because our lives are directly linked to it, but where we are every bit as much a part of the ecosystem as any other species in it. Who’s looking after our interests along with Caribou and the others?

“On behalf of all of us, here’s to being world leaders in having a long, prosperous, environmentally healthy and responsible future, together.”

There is a meeting set for this week for an Ontario and Quebec alliance, at which point more news will follow.

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