The medical officer of health for the Porcupine Health Unit says that of the 646 cases of COVID-19 we’ve had, almost half are from the virus’s third wave.

“We are at 93.5 cases per hundred-thousand (population),” reports Dr. Lianne Catton. “Absolutely alarming.”

Dr. Catton says she’s grateful that the majority of cases in the region have been mild, because there’s no way to know when a patient will end up in the hospital or experience —  in her words — “a tragic outcome”.

“Infections like this don’t follow rules. They don’t discriminate and the only way we can save lives is to work together and keep our infection rates down.”

Catton adds that if the province weren’t under a stay-at-home order, the PHU region would be under grey- level lockdown.

“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” the MOH confidently notes. “We’re vaccinating and we’re vaccinating as many folks as we can in all the communities across the region as we move through the provincial framework.”

Catton says it’s important to know when your vaccination turn comes up, and take advantage of it.