You could say that the Living Space homeless shelter in Timmins is on the grow. It’s setting up a second location at 316 Spruce St. S.

Administration will move in early next month.  The expanded emergency shelter with 50 beds instead of 30 is expected to relocate in October, when renovations are complete.

Executive director Jason Sereda says this is a big step towards ending homelessness in Timmins by 2025.

He intends to meet neighbours of the new site to discuss what they want to see.

“I certainly have my ideas,” he states,  “such as creating greenspace, improving the lighting in the alleyways and the area, but I want to hear from the neighbourhood, what they think will really help and improve their community.”

Sereda acknowledges that a lot of residents of the area don’t want the shelter there.

“Well, we know people who are homeless in our community already are in all of the neighbourhoods,” he asserts.  “So it’s rather really a decision of so you want them sleping in the back alley of your neighbourhood or do you want them inside where they’re safe and hey can really start working on their recovery.”

Sereda says he’s available for questions and comments by phone at 705-531-7233 or on the Living Space website.

The current location on Cedar St. N. will be re-purposed into more transitional and supportive housing.  Sereda hopes it will grow from 12 to 20 or even 30 spaces.