The triangle with its points in Smooth Rock Falls, Timmins and Matheson is the current hot spot for COVID-19 in our region.

Since Thursday, the Porcupine Health Unit has reported 67 cases – the vast majority of them inside that triangle.  They bump up the pandemic total to 490.  Twelve cases on Sunday brought it to that mark.  Two of the 12 are in Timmins; the rest between Smooth Rock Falls and Matheson along Hwy. 11

The health unit has also announced an outbreak at the Black Fox Mine near Matheson.  Three cases are reported and contact tracing is proceeding.


Thurs., April 15 25 cases

Fri., April 16 27 cases

Sat., April 17 3 cases

Sun., April 18 12 cases

-Source: Porcupine Health Unit