The first ever fundraiser for the Timmins Youth Wellness Hub is selling e-recipe books called “Hungry Hub”.

Two current volumes feature things hub members have made together online, while the pandemic prevented in-person events.

Executive director Anne Vincent says it’s a fun way to teach young people how to “adult”. When in-person hubs are possible, cooking and eating together give attendees something several say they don’t get at home.

“A number of our youth have said that the Hub feels like their second home,” Vincent points out.  “So they’re learning skills and then they’re learning things like how to prepare food, how to share food, how to serve food and how to clean up afterwards, all the things that some of us may take for granted.”

Fundraising chair Mike Scott says that like any non-profit organization, the Hub needs to sustain its activities while growing and expanding.

“We’re looking far beyond any sort of hopefully short term lockdowns or anything like that,” he adds. “We want to look to the future, where we can start to host in-person hubs again and have them be bigger, better and more vibrant than maybe ever before.”

The recipe books can be bought on the Timmins Youth Wellness Hub’s online platforms.