It stalled last year due to the pandemic, so the Porcupine District Agricultural Society is taking another run at its grower program.

Erin Rathbone is a director on the education committee.  She says any child or family who lives in a properly zoned area can raise chickens, lambs or pigs, after paying a deposit.

“We provide them with the animal,” she explains, “and what we want is we want to be able to interact with them throughout the growing season of the animal. We want updates, pictures and interviews with the kids that are taking care of them.”

Then, at whatever fall fair event the society can operate this year, there will be judging and cash prizes.  And you get to keep the animal.

Rathbone says it’s a way to expose children to farming, in case they decide to make a career of it.

“Our kind of point is to teach them young about food security and possibilities that are out there, even just hobby farming versus a big farm.”

Piglets and lambs have already been spoken for, but chickens are available.  The Ag Society will supply you with seven hens and three roosters. Details are on its website.