Many of us are grappling with the effect major reconstruction on Algonquin Blvd. will have on our daily lives this summer. The city spokesperson for the project, Ken Krcel, says it’s all about avoiding the area and planning your route.

“If you live in the north end of the city, it’s just as easy to take Lafleur Dr. around to Shirley St.,” he remarks. “We understand there’s some people in the south end, it’s out of their way and for that reason, Wilson will be repurposed for the detour.”

The Mattagami bridge will remain open, with Mattagami Blvd. taking traffic a block over, to Wilson St.

“It’s really about planning your route and just allowing a little extra time,” Krcel reiterates. Construction is normal for the summer and we need to go through a little bit of pain for some long term gain here in the city.”

Construction could start soon and last until September or October.