As the Porcupine Health Unit continues rolling out the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, it acknowledges that there’s hesitancy in some people to get a shot.

Medical officer of health Dr. Lianne Catton says there’s not one response to all of the hesitancy because there are so many reasons for it.

“The one thing I would say is we know that it has been tested rigorously, similar and followed all the same protocols as every other vaccine that’s been approved,” she states.

Catton adds that public health authorities at all levels monitor those who’ve been inoculated for unexpected impacts, and that the benefits far outweigh the tiny risks.

“We know these vaccines do work,” Catton emphasizes. “There’s already evidence in Ontario that we’re seeing decreasing infection rates, hospitalizations in those over 80 because that’s the group that we’ve seen the most vaccine in.”

The doctor advises you to seek out answers from reliable sources to the questions that are making you hesitant.

She also expects more vaccination clinic dates to be announced soon.