As we look back at Timmins history, we wrap up our examination this week of Sam Bucovetsky.

Not only did he have a large department store at 227 Third Ave. and stores across the north, Sam was very community minded.  Museum director-curator Karen Bachmann notes that he was a Mason and a member of the Kiwanis Club. “And he was one of the founding members of the congregation here that put up the Jewish temple and the synagogue that was located on Cedar St., was a member of the Board of Trade since it started and continued to participate until his death in 1941.”

In 1938, his daughter Rose married Dr. Harry Magdar of Kirkland Lake in a big ceremony at the Bucovetsky home on Birch St. N.  Museum director-curator Karen Bachmann says that was followed by a dinner and dance for more than 500 people at the Empire Hotel.

“The lovely couple went off to Bermuda on a wonderful trip, only to find out four days later that the main family store had burnt to the ground.”

That store at 227 Third Ave. was quickly rebuilt, and Sam was back in business.