Thursday is Global Recycling Day.  City of Timmins environmental coordinator Christina Beaton says it’s a chance to congratulate residents on the success of waste diversion programs over the last five years.

“And Global Recycling Day is an opportunity to reflect on the materials that we purchase and how they can be seen as an opportunity and a resource, rather than waste, which is essentially the foundation of a circular economy,” states Beaton.

(Bob McIntyre, staff)

Beaton adds that before you buy anything, you should ask yourself whether it and the packaging can be repurposed or recycled.

“The waste management team of the City of Timmins is continuously striving to improve recycling and diversion programs, and so we encourage residents to utilize the Timmins Recyclepedia waste wizard and they can learn how to properly dispose or recycle hundreds of items.”…Or, Beaton adds, decide not to buy those items.